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Autumn is well and truely upon us now. 
Our Centre will remain closed until the end on May.  

We are pleased to be able to continue with some of our progammes online.
This week we had a good turn out (via Zoom) for our Grief and Loss session with Louise Thompson and our first Zoom session for the Virtual Teaching with Br Kieran Fenn fms -  Women in the Bible.  After last week’s session on the Women in Genesis, Br Kieran Fenn is now moving on to the Book of Ruth which is the topic of today’s Muffin Talk broadcast. On Wednesday, 13 May at 10.30am we will hear more about the biblical figure Ruth in our Virtual Muffin Meeting with Br Kieran.
Listen to the interview here


Register @ or for more info

* WOMEN IN THE BIBLE with Br KIERAN FENN fms. Virtual teaching series: Wednesday's 10.30am-12.30pm Zoom session.  $10 per person/ per session. 13 May-24 June.  Each session can stand alone and is also complimentary to each other
When:  13 of May –24th of June
Participants can join for any session


Medium of Communication:
Radio (Planet FM 104.6) and Zoom (after registration)

Muffin Talks: All Radio interviews are pre-recorded. After broadcast on Fridays at 8.40am
(Planet FM 104.6), they are available online via the Mercy Spirituality Centre Website and Facebook Page for four weeks.
Muffin Meetings: All Zoom meetings will start at 10.30am and finish at 12noon. There will be a short break at about 11.15am. For those participants who would like to interact with the presenter and other participants, there will be time for a discussion after the presentation until 12.30pm.
If you are not familiar with Zoom,  let us know (  We will be holding practices at Monday, 11 May at 9.30am and Tuesday, 12 May at 10.30am. 
Please contact us for the link. 
Fees:  Muffin Talk per Radio (Planet FM 104.6): free – no registration required
          Muffin Meeting per Zoom (after registration): $10/Muffin Meeting paid online in advance


* CARERS SUPPORT GROUP with LAETITIA PUTHENPADATH. Mon 11 May, 10.30am-12noon Zoom session. Free.

How do we deal with Suffering?
How can we cope?
We are immersed in a culture that makes heroic effort to avoid, ignore or even deny the suffering that may inevitably present itself to our lives. Suffering is built into the human condition; it is unavoidable as our current experience of COVID-19 illustrates. In this meeting we will examine the phenomenon of suffering, its physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that may suddenly enter our lives unbidden. We will also explore ways of coping with the situations or experiences. We will seek means of transforming the `pain’ into a meta-narrative of consolation. 
This session stands alone but is also an introduction to the monthly meetings of a new Carers’ Support Group that was planned to meet from 11 May 2020 on.


* CONVERSATIONS WITH CAMUS, DE BEAUVOIR, SARTRE, DERRIDA, FOUCAULT & BAUDRILLARD: How 20th century French philosophy can inform our faith  with STEVE TOLLESTRUP. Thurs 14 May, 10.30am-12.30pm Zoom session. $12 per person.
How 20th century French philosophy can inform our faith
Twentieth century France was the centre of explosive new and daring existential and
post-modern thought. 
Join us for a light-hearted and adventurous walk through some of the most profound and controversial thinking of the 20th century.
Using non-technical jargon and everyday examples we will ask the question “how do these philosophers help inform our faith”?


Programmes that were planned for May, which we will reschedule and run at a later date:

EVENING EVENT Dance: Being and living the present moment


EVENING EVENT New Zealand Sign Language
With New Zealand Sign Language – we have equality


NEW DATE   Tuesday, 22 September, 7.00-9.00pm
Fee                Koha/Donation


EVENING EVENT New Wine in Old Wineskins
Exploring the Lukan Jesus in relation to the Hebrew Bible

Presenter  SARAH HART


CHRISTIAN MEDITATION 101 Introduction to Christian Meditation


MUFFIN MEETING Session One “The Holy Spirit as Grace-Giver”
Presenter           HELEN BERGIN op


The Presence of Christ in Sacred Spaces: change and continuity



Posters for the Zoom events on next week are below.
Let us know if you would like to attend any of these sessions.  If you do need help with Zoom let us know and also if you do not do online banking and would prefer to send us a cheque.  This can be arranged. 

Kind regards, 
Bridget Shaw
Mercy Spirituality Centre







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